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The Old Coots on Scoots is an Historic Sanctioned Chapter of the AMA, Sanction #6911. It was founded in 1947 by George Harris Tucker, for the sole purpose of just having fun while riding motorcycles with friends. G. H. Tucker rode with the group until his death in 1951. George’s son, Dan, who recently passed away, restarted The Old Coots on Scoots in 1984 in Santa Rosa, California. There are now over sixty active chapters all over the country, and still growing. All members are Life Time Members, as once you are an Old Coot, you will always be an Old Coot!

Our Story

We are a social group organized for the enjoyment of motorcycling and to benefit the Edgewood and surrounding communities through fundraising and civic activities


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Steve Berry



Robyn Bradshaw


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